An Ordinary Day

An ordinary visit to a bank turns into an adventure. (this is another story I just can't believe I wrote -- UGH!)

Birthday Blues

Are our guys really insensitive enough to forget Mac's birthday?

Butt The Anal Probes

Don't let the title scare you.  This is just a little bit of silliness -- doesn't even deserve a synopsis.

Guns And Guilt

One of the team is injured and another feels guilty.


This is a response to my 'give the character(s) your own injury(ies) challenge on the Gabe's Adventures Yahoo list.

Never Had The Chance

Everyone must deal with Gabe's death.  PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE WARNINGS!!

The Gift

This is a response to my birthday challenge. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VEGA (7/31) AND LITTLE WING (8/3)!!! 

The Family Series

A series of 3 stories that explores the family background of the characters.  All three stories have a common thread but can be read independently.   

    The Phone Call - Mac    

  The Visit - Gabe

  The Letter - Judson