Magnificent Seven

Vin's Woman

Here you'll find a cache of dozens of Magnificent Seven stories written by SassySouix and/or DorkJunkie in a variety of universes.  The stories center mostly on Vin and Ezra, but all our guys have found a home with them.


Do Magnificent Seven stories get any better than this?  NotTasha has a way with words.  With a flair for the dramatic, a quirky twist of humor, and just enough angst to draw the occasional tear, her stories are a definite must-read for any M7 fan!  Especially if you happen to prefer a certain green-eyed gambler.


Welcome to the home of most Magnificent Seven fic!  While I know not everything is archived here, it's a great place to start.  You can look for stories by author, title, character...  If you provide an age statement, you can even gain access to their 'adult' site.  



Welcome to the wonderful world of Zorro!  This is the woman who started it all for me.  While she'll claim to not be into 'sunshine and roses', you'll be sure to smile... after using up every kleenex in the house!  Poor Felipe!  What will she do to him next?

Juan Diego Botto List Fanfiction

Rescued from the fall of GeoCities, this site is Heaven on Earth for any Felipe fan!  So many Felipe-centric fics in one place!  I would definitely recommend starting with 'Doubts' by Carrie.