The team must deal with the aftermath of 'Legacy'.


Jack reflects on a changing friendship.  Set after 'The Other Side'.   

    Nominated for a 2004 Stargate SG-1 Fan Award!!!

One Of The Team

Sgt. Walter Harriman gets an inside look at SG-1 when he joins them on a 'routine' mission.


Just my attempt to bring attention to a serious condition that affects many Daniel Jackson fans. (one of those old stories I just can't believe I wrote!  UGH!!)


Daniel and Sam are captured and subjected to alien technology.

Pain Lingers, Hope Survives

Amongst the ruins of a battle-torn village, SG-1 finds awoman who, though uninjured, appears to be in pain. Daniel recognizes her symptoms.

Hives, Hiccups, and Sprains

Jack's mouth gets everyone else into trouble.

Putting Things Into Perspective

Daniel's appendix and Jack's haircut.